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Reinforcement plates for the series TW 236/242

Reinforcement plates for the series TW 236/242
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$ 699.00
Shipping time: 3-10 Days
Product no.: TW 242 GPR10
GTIN/EAN: 0802022269478

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Products description

The minimum requirements regarding the concrete depth are reduced by 1,5 inches when the reinforcing plates are installed.

Which means the reinforcement set can be used for concrete depths of 6,5 inches.

Without the plates a minimum concrete depth of 8 inches is required.

icon Delivery contents

  • 2 Reinforcement plates
  • 18 Heavy-duty anchor bolts M18x180
excl. VAT and Shipping costs.

Shipping costs (excluding islands)

StateZip CodePrice
WA- Washington98000-99499$279,00
OR- Oregon97000-97999$229,00
CA- California90000-96699$239,00
NV- Nevada88900-89999$229,00
MT- Montana59000-59999$229,00
ID- Idaho83200-83999$229,00
WY- Wyoming82000-83199$229,00
UT- Utah84000-84999$229,00
CO- Colorado80000-81999$229,00
AZ- Arizona85000-86999$229,00
NM- New Mexico87000-88899$229,00
ND- North Dakota58000-58999$259,00
SD- South Dakota57000-57999$249,00
NE- Nebraska68000-69999$229,00
KS- Kansas66000-67999$229,00
OK- Oklahoma73000-74999$229,00
TX- Texas75000-79999$229,00
MN- Minnesota55000-56997$239,00
IA- Iowa50000-52999$239,00
MO- Missouri63000-65999$229,00
AR- Arkansas71600-72999$229,00
LA- Luisiana70000-71599$239,00
WI- Wisconsin53000-54999$249,00
IL- Illinois60000-62999$239,00
MS- Mississippi38600-39799$239,00
TN- Tennessee37000-38599$239,00
AL- Alabama35000-36999$249,00
MI- Michigan48000-49999$269,00
IN- Indiana46000-47099$249,00
KY- Kentucky40000-42999,47100-47999$249,00
OH- Ohio43000-45999$259,00
GA- Georgia30000-31999,39800-39999$259,00
FL- Florida32000-34999$359,00
SC- South Carolina29000-29999$269,00
NC- North Carolina27000-28999$289,00
VA- Virginia20100-20199,22000-24699$289,00
WV- West Virginia24700-26999$279,00
PA- Pennsylvania15000-19700$289,00
NY- New York10501-10701,10706-11000,12007-14999$299,00
ME- Maine3900-4999$339,00
VT- Vermont5000-5500,5600-5999$329,00
NH- New Hampshire3000-3899$329,00
MA- Massachusetts1001-2800,5501-5599$299,00
RI- Rhode Island2801-2999$299,00
CT- Connecticut6000-6389,6391-6999$299,00
NJ- New Jersey7000-10000$309,00
DE- Delaware19701-19999$299,00
MD- Maryland20600-21999$299,00

This product is compatible with:

Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.
TW 242 A - 9200 lbs.
  • Dual manual unlocking
  • 2 height adjustable lifting pads
Shipping time: 3-10 Days
$ 2,399.00
Details1 x 'Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs.' order
Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs. - Automatic-Unlock.
TW 242 E - 9200 lbs.
  • Automatic arm-locking system
  • Adjustable lifting pads
Shipping time: 3-10 Days
$ 2,599.00
Details1 x 'Twin Busch ® BASIC-Line Lift 9200 lbs. - Automatic-Unlock.' order
Twin Busch ® Clear floor Pro-Line 9200 lbs.
TW 242 PE B4.3 - 9200 lbs.
  • Automatic arm-locking system
  • Adjustable lifting pads
  • Lift height 14.1 ft.
Shipping time: 3-10 Days
$ 3,299.00
Details1 x 'Twin Busch ® Clear floor Pro-Line 9200 lbs.' order

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday 26 April, 2017.

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