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730 W. Cheyenne Ave # 90
North Las Vegas, NV 89030


S3-10E US

Shipping costs for 2 post lifts TW242A and TW242E

Shipping costs for 2 post lifts TW242A and TW242E (excluding islands)

StateZip CodePrice
WA- Washington98000-99499$309,00
OR- Oregon97000-97999$249,00
CA- California90000-96699$279,00
NV- Nevada88900-89999$229,00
MT- Montana59000-59999$289,00
ID- Idaho83200-83999$229,00
WY- Wyoming82000-83199$259,00
UT- Utah84000-84999$229,00
CO- Colorado80000-81999$239,00
AZ- Arizona85000-86999$229,00
NM- New Mexico87000-88899$229,00
ND- North Dakota58000-58999$329,00
SD- South Dakota57000-57999$279,00
NE- Nebraska68000-69999$269,00
KS- Kansas66000-67999$279,00
OK- Oklahoma73000-74999$279,00
TX- Texas75000-79999$249,00
MN- Minnesota55000-56997$309,00
IA- Iowa50000-52999$299,00
MO- Missouri63000-65999$289,00
AR- Arkansas71600-72999$289,00
LA- Luisiana70000-71599$309,00
WI- Wisconsin53000-54999$319,00
IL- Illinois60000-62999$309,00
MS- Mississippi38600-39799$309,00
TN- Tennessee37000-38599$299,00
AL- Alabama35000-36999$329,00
MI- Michigan48000-49999$349,00
IN- Indiana46000-47099$319,00
KY- Kentucky40000-42999,47100-47999$309,00
OH- Ohio43000-45999$329,00
GA- Georgia30000-31999,39800-39999$329,00
FL- Florida32000-34999$469,00
SC- South Carolina29000-29999$349,00
NC- North Carolina27000-28999$369,00
VA- Virginia20100-20199,22000-24699$379,00
WV- West Virginia24700-26999$349,00
PA- Pennsylvania15000-19700$379,00
NY- New York10501-10701,10706-11000,12007-14999$389,00
ME- Maine3900-4999$439,00
VT- Vermont5000-5500,5600-5999$429,00
NH- New Hampshire3000-3899$429,00
MA- Massachusetts1001-2800,5501-5599$389,00
RI- Rhode Island2801-2999$389,00
CT- Connecticut6000-6389,6391-6999$379,00
NJ- New Jersey7000-10000$409,00
DE- Delaware19701-19999$389,00
MD- Maryland20600-21999$379,00


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